Mayhem in South African Capital as a Pretoria-North Neighbourhood fight involving a stick and prosthetic leg goes viral [ VIDEO ]

Seven people were involved in a neighbourhood brawl in the South African capital.


Between the men the fists are flying and the women are pulling hair. A person is shouting that they will be evicted and when the fight nears its end, a man with a prosthetic leg appears and chases a car.




Pretoria North (Afrikaans: Pretoria-Noord) is a suburb of the city of Pretoria in Gauteng, South Africa, with a population of 16,972 people according to the 2011 census.


Pretoria North was first settled in 1878 by a pioneer column of Afrikaner farmers who started farming alongside the passing Apies River. The Area became a stopping point for travelers moving through the North of Pretoria to the Northern Transvaal.


In 1904 an English medium primary School was established in Pretoria. This School was the antecedent to the current Laerskool Danie Malan on the corners of Rachel De Beer and Jan van Riebeeck streets in Pretoria North. This School has been an anchor of the Pretoria North Community for over 110 years and is rich in history and tradition.


Other Schools in the Pretoria North Precinct include, Laerskool Rachel de Beer, Laerskool Voortrekker Eeufees, High Schools Hoërskool Gerrit Maritz and Hoërskool Pretoria-Noord. Judging by the structure of the education system in Pretoria North, it is possible to recognise that Pretoria North is a primarily Afrikaans speaking area. All schools in the area are Afrikaans medium.


Here is  something more positive from a South African School



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