New IoT White Paper explains Hacking Vulnerability and Solutions

With the unhindered growth and acceptability of internet globally, the revolution and evolution of its successor, Internet of Things has been massive, slowly erasing the distinguishing line between real and virtual.



This thrilling piece of technology is maturing at an unparalleled rate, connecting innumerable diversified smart objects in an all-encompassing network.


The technological ecosystem can be imagined as a three-node cycle comprising of “people” that run the ecosystem, “internet” on which the ecosystem runs and “intelligent device” that support the ecosystem.



Unfortunately  “most good things come with the risk of something bad”, and the risk of potential attacks to peoples and objects’ security has been growing exponentially and still continues.


In a recently published white paper, the author glanced over the various aspects of IoT like IoT framework, perks of IoT in almost every sphere of life these days, multiple threats and attacks evolving with advancement of technology and human brains and at last some solutions to overcome the security issues and secondary challenges like data management, trust management, environmental tension etc.


Read the White Paper here:- Internet of Things


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