No Bitcoin Hard Fork Please!

Vinny Lingham, CEO of Civic and Angel Investor, is speaking out about support for a contentious Hard Fork which creates another Bitcoin.  According to Lingham, we need to convince miners and the Bitcoin community not to consider doing a Bitcoin Unlimited Hard Fork.

Discussion points from the article:-

  • Exchanges confirmed they would list BTU (Bitcoin Unlimited) as an altcoin should there be a Hard Fork
  • Bitcoin’s greatest Asset is its brand awareness – the strongest brand in crypto space
  • Bitcoin Unlimited will just become an altcoin if it does not have majority support – why does it matter
  • Aren’t two coins better than one – the market will adjust
  • Bitcoin has died many times, it can survive a Hard Fork – even Ethereum did
  • Who cares if 30% of the miners fork off?
  • Bitcoin has a product and people problem, not a technical problem.  A fork will resolve it because both sides get what they want

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