North America To Be A Key Market For BitVault®

LIMERICK, Ireland, Embedded Downloads announced the deployment of dedicated sales offices for the BitVault® in North American Market


According to company sources, the North American team will focus on customised enterprise solutions in the key markets of USA and Canada.Sales teams will operate from offices in New York CitySan Jose California and Austin Texas. The move comes after the company introduced BitVault® Enterprise Solutions to the Indian market in Delhi, India on Friday, 28 September 2017.  After the press conference, the company hosted a private dinner for industry leaders and influencers.


Similarly, the company sees major areas of use in the North American market by enterprises such as government departments, financial institutions, corporations and other organizations that can benefit from the unique features of the BitVault®. The company also announced a Halloween themed launch in London on the 31st of October 2017, earlier this week.According to the company, the Bitvault® comes with a range of unique features.



Dynamic Key Creation: – With the use of biometric identification combined with NFC technology, the user creates private and public keys every time the device is used. These keys are never stored anywhere and can only be created by the specific user. These keys are used for encryption of transactions, communication and other applications on the device.



Secure Calling: – The device uses advanced cryptography to enable public key to public key calling. Cryptocurrency transactions are used to create multi-layer encryptions. Secure Messaging: – The same cryptographic methods are used for secure messaging. BitVault® to BitVault® messaging is multi-layered encrypted. Secure Document Transfer: – When a user sends a document created on a laptop or a PC via the BitVault® as an attachment, these documents are transferred over a private blockchain separate from the BitVault® communication environment. Both the sender and receiver will need to download an application on their respective computers to send or receive documents. Keys to open these documents will be securely transmitted from BitVault® to BitVault®. In this way, outside documents can never enter the BitVault® communication environment keeping it safe from malware. Secure Browsing: – By using blockchain technology the BitVault® dynamically verifies websites through a set of confirmation steps. Browsing with the BitVault® is severely restricted and controlled with stringent rules to ensure the integrity of the environment.



Cryptocurrency Wallets: – The BitVault® uses cryptocurrency in its applications and also comes with native cryptocurrency wallets. The BitVault® will ship with the following wallets installed: – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, EOT.



BitVault® Application Store: – BitVault® comes with its own dedicated application store and is open to enterprise  developers.  Enterprises could develop proprietory applications dedicated to their customers.More details on other features and specifications of the BitVault® are available on the website:



BitVault® is owned and developed by Embedded Downloads, with development offices in Limerick, Ireland and New Delhi, India. Embedded Downloads specializes in secure hardware and software relating to the “Internet of Things”[]


The company has commissioned VVDN Technologies [] as design, development and manufacturing partner of the BitVault®


BitVault® is a registered trademark of Embedded Downloads and all rights are hereby reserved.


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