Porsche Racing to the Blockchain

On Feb. 22, high-performance sports car, sedan, and SUV manufacturer Porsche, announced that it became the first car company in the world, in collaboration with German start-up XAIN, to successfully integrate and test blockchain in a car.



What can a blockchain do in a car?


Porsche believes it could have many applications such as locking and unlocking your vehicle, as well as opening doors, through an app could be done up to six times faster through blockchain since data doesn’t have to be processed through a server. The car actually becomes part of the blockchain, even in an offline scenario.


Another feature of blockchain could be access control, with blockchain keys access could be given to authorised parties.


In-car blockchain could also be used to quickly and securely pay for parking or other costs.



Porsche also believes it can use blockchain to improve the autonomous driving experience.

But how do you make sure your Porsche does not drive you off a cliff under the control of hackers?

The Encryption of Things might just have the answer…


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