Real Property Token is bringing Peer to Peer Property to the Blockchain

RPT aim to be around for a long time. As the market takes control of Real Estate to aid in its stability RPT will be right there proving itself to be the market leader in P2P projects and property. While starting out offering development projects on their platform they will be supplying revenue and profit right from the start. But with a greater vision, they will also be around well into the future.




Why Property

Property makes up a huge part of the financial markets. Some 60% of the market consists of Real Estate. Yet at this stage, very little property has been brought into the blockchain. There have been a number of cases around the world that have worked on this. There have been titles transferred through the blockchain. We hear stories every day about a property being purchased using Bitcoin. However, this still has not translated to the transfer of the property into the blockchain.


Why the Blockchain

There are many reasons to bring Property onto the Blockchain. It will remove a lot of unnecessary costs associated with Real Estate. It can cost anything up to 10% just in fees and associated costs to sell a property. It can make fractional ownership easier allowing people to own parts of a property, as much or as little as they want. Also removing the banks from the equation which tie you into a contract that makes the bank profit entirely from your property with which you have no control over. The decentralization of the system means that we cannot be controlled by the system. We go back to working on a trust system, where communities work together and still flourish and thrive.



Can We Benefit

RPT aims to breach this area. Creating a platform for people to work together to create property based projects where everyone gets the opportunity to profit. By using a Peer to Peer system you get input from all angles to enable everyone to benefit. Multiple minds, multiple benefits. On the Real Property Token Platform, you will be able to bring a development or participate in one. You will be able to list your property or even communicate with people who may help you with your property ideas. Whatever the idea, it can be brought to the platform and the community will work out if it is of benefit to them as an individual or not. It is a community platform for people to work and grow together.


Get in Early

Real Property Token have just launched the Pre-sales to their Token Sale. There is a family and friends sale on until the 27th of November for a 40% bonus. After that, till the 11th is the Pre Sale with a 20% bonus and then there is the Token Sale until the 10th of January. Head over to their website where you will find all the information you need. You will be able to find the links to all of the usual social media platforms. And by talking to them in their Telegram group you may well hear about some of the property deals they are putting up on their platform to get involved in right from the start. At 20% returns, there may be good opportunities.


Where to Next

So as the Crypto Markets increase and look for stability, maybe it will be property that helps give it stability. With can participate in the transactions and get the rewards from investing in property with minimal amounts. And then as property grows in popularity within the blockchain and we start to develop better systems using the blockchain, RPT will be right at the forefront of this and push for their platform to be the leader in this area. It can only be better for us all to remove the erroneous fees and costs and return the power back to us.

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