Reasons why the Bitcoin Price is going to soar to new highs in 2017

The Bitcoin price is set to soar to new highs this year. It is not just one indicator or event but multiple factors; the fundamentals are strong and getting stronger daily; all very bullish for Bitcoin!

Watch this very informative video on 10 reasons why the Bitcoin price will destroy all time highs in 2017. This video was recorded before the Bitcoin price reached the all time high of $1220 on 24 February 2017.

Video Contents:
1) War On Cash
2) Gold Bitcoin Price Parity
3) Institutional investment
4) Bitcoin and Japan
5) Scaling Segregated Witness
6) Demise of Blockchain Hype
7) Trump Presidency
8) China Time Bomb
9) Bond Apocalypse
10) Bullish Technicals
11) Price Prediction

Watch this short explainer video on the price movement of Bitcoin – Question is, what will the Bitcoin price be in November 2017 and 2018?


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