Save up to 33% on everything on Amazon with Purse

Purse makes Bitcoin useful. Save up to 33% on everything on Amazon with Purse.

Thought hodling was all you could do with Bitcoin? Meet Purse. Purse allows you to spend Bitcoin and save up to 33% on everything on Amazon. Just transfer your Bitcoin to your Purse wallet, find the item you want, and place your order at your preferred discount rate, from 5 to 33% off.


Purse is a marketplace that matches shoppers and earners. Shoppers have Bitcoin and want to save money on Amazon. Earners want to earn Bitcoin. There are two ways to save money on Purse.


At a 5% discount, your order will be placed instantly by Purse.



At greater than 5% off, your order will be placed by an earner who wants Bitcoin. Often, earners have a balance on their account that they would like to liquidate for Bitcoin.

Earners place orders on your behalf. But don’t worry, our trustless escrow system and $10,000 shopper guarantee protect all of your purchases. When you place an order on Purse for more than 5% and an earner picks up your order, your Bitcoins are held in escrow. The earner then submits the Amazon order ID and, when the item ships, the earner adds the tracking number. When the item arrives, you confirm that you’ve received it and your Bitcoins are released to the earner.



Here’s how to get started shopping on Purse:

  1. Sign up for
  2. Search for the item you want, or paste the Amazon URL in the search box
  3. Add them item to your cart
  4. Select a discount (your first discount is limited to 15% to ensure your item is ordered quickly)
  5. Fund your Purse wallet
  6. Checkout


Purse has helped shoppers save millions of dollars on Amazon. Now, it’s your turn!


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