Smart Cities and IoT

Firstly, what is a Smart City?


With the use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as connected sensors, lights, and meters, data is collected and analyzed.  This data is then used to improve infrastructure, public utilities, and services, etc.  All this to deliver and promote an efficient and safe city experience for residents and visitors.


Various Smart City projects and IoT applications are being undertaken globally.  


Amsterdam is one of the leaders in smart city development with numerous projects such as Infrastructure and Technology; Energy, Water and Waste; Mobility; Circular City; Governance and Education; and Citizens and Living – Read more about Amsterdam Smart City


Dubai aims to be a technology leader in the region as well as globally which many projects from all government services documents on the blockchain to exciting smart city initiatives. Besides immediate gains for the city’s overall sustainability and competitiveness, Dubai has an opportunity to create a true blueprint for the emerging economies of the world.

With its infrastructure rapidly developing to cater to the next 30 million visitors by 2020, the city can bake ‘smart design’ right into its fabric as a set of greenfield initiatives.”  Read more – click here



Various projects around electric car sharing, connected vehicles, and smart parking projects are being piloted, from New York to Paris to London.


AT&T recently announced their partnership with Cisco as well as a Smart City pilot in Portland, Oregan.


Taken from their press release AT&T* is committed to helping cities become safer and more efficient. Through collaborations with other industry leaders and our Internet of Things (IoT) expertise, we’re working closely with cities’ leadership to deliver solutions that address some of the key challenges facing their communities.

“When a city’s data is harnessed, analyzed and acted upon—securely in near real-time—it opens up a world of opportunities,” said Mike Zeto, general manager, AT&T Smart Cities. “With our strategic alliance members, we’re delivering solutions that will give city leaders meaningful insights into the communities they serve. This can mean improved quality of life for citizens. – Full article here


Read more on other AT&T initiatives – AT&T, IoT, And Smart Farming


What is the future of Smart Cities and IoT?  These initiatives will accelerate in the coming years as devices and things connected to the internet (Internet of Things – IoT) are predicted to be in the region of 80 Billion by 2025.


With IoT, comes the need for cyber security – read more IoT, Cybersecurity is a Public Safety Concern


Read more – IoT and Blockchain, a Match made in Heaven


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