Smartphones are coming to a blockchain near you, Futuretech on the BitVault®


In a recently recorded Futuretech podcast, the BitVault®, the world’s first blockchain crypto communicator was discussed and explained in detail. “The most unique feature of this phone,” says Peter Marais, Co-founder of BitVault, “…is that your private keys are never stored on the device…we call it dynamic key creation: these keys are dynamically created every time you use the product, so nobody else can use the device.”


An exciting innovation focused on security and privacy of the user be it individuals, corporations, banks or governments.


The BitVault is a secure communication device providing a range of blockchain services such as secure blockchain messaging, secure blockchain banking,  secure blockchain calling, secure blockchain document transfer, secure blockchain media vault as well as a secure blockchain developer platform.


The device is a fully operational smartphone which is the world’s first blockchain phone.



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Introducing the World’s First Blockchain phone, the BitVault®


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