South African MTBS Interschools Cheerleading Video Reaches over 5.8 Million Views

A video showing a South African School cheering on their team in a local Interschools athletics competition has now racked up almost 6 Million views and have been shared 108 Thousand times on Facebook. The video has also been shared on Reddit and has made international news headlines.


This South African High School takes cheer leading to a new level.

This South African High School takes cheer leading to a new level.In South Africa interschool sports competion is very serious and schools are very competitive in and off the field. This is really one of the best cheers we have ever seen.At Bit-Media we bring you the best bits of your life. Our Fans asked for more: –

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MTBS is an annual interschools athletics competition (the largest in South Africa) held between four high schools located in Bellville, Western Cape. The competition is famous for the cheerleading by participating schools. 


These schools are: D.F. Malan High School, Tygerberg High School, Bellville High School and Stellenberg High School


The highlight of the event is a 7-minute cheerleading performance by the pavilion of each school. This performance consists of a medley of songs during which the students effectively create a “human LCD screen” on the pavilion. This is achieved by them opening and closing their school blazer at unique pre-determined moments, with each student effectively functioning as a pixel and thus allowing images and animations to be displayed. Other parts of the school uniform (such as dresses and socks) may also be used, but no other props (such as cards) are allowed. 

The name is derived acronym from the names of the schools in that order. The first MTBS took place in 1994. This was the brainchild of the late Frans du Toit, a retired teacher from JG Meiring High School in Goodwood and a part time sports journalist.


Here are two more performances from the same school, DF Malan High School in Cape Town, South Africa.


South African High School Cheer Shows How Sports Fans should do it..

Our Fans asked for mor of this: – South African High School Cheer Shows How Sports Fans should do it.More on YouTube: – our blog at:

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South African High School Cheers the Wild West

Another great cheer from a South African School – Cheering the Wilds West..Enjoy this one as wel:-

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