Get your Bitcoin Debit card here and spend your Bitcoins anywhere!

Bitcoin adoption is gaining momentum globally!

Bitcoiners need a trusted Debit Card to make purchases or withdrawing cash easy and fast.

Introducing Cryptopay:-

“Cryptopay Bitcoin wallet provides an easy way to buy, store and send bitcoins all over the world. Enjoy convenient deposit methods in major fiat currencies or hedge against price fluctations using Cryptopay Flex Accounts.

Flex accounts

Hold bitcoins securely in a FLEX account. The straightforward system makes it easy to hedge your bitcoins against major currencies for peace of mind and security against bitcoin price fluctuations. You can send your bitcoins to anyone and spend them with businesses that accept cryptocurrency payments.

Free deposits and withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals from Cryptopay are simple, fast and free. You can send us money from any of the 26 countries within SEPA zone. Forget about waiting for days to receive your funds, with Cryptopay you’ll see your money in your account by the next business day, and all for free.

Near to zero commission

Cryptopay charge a flat 1% fee for converting to or from BTC. That’s it – no hidden fees or unfair pricing. This simple pricing system makes life easier for everyone and you get to keep more of your money. Take advantage of our instantaneous conversions and make your money go further.

Bitcoin debit card

Order our debit card and withdraw funds instantly at any ATM in your local currency. You don’t need to wait for your funds to arrive at your bank account. You can also use the card to make purchases both online and offline”

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