Tesla Cloud Hacked by Bitcoin Miners

The latest victim of cryptojacking is Tesla.


Researchers at Red LockCloud Security Intelligence (CSI), published findings on Tuesday that some of Tesla’s Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure was a hack and running mining malware in a far-reaching and well-hidden cryptojacking campaign.


Tesla was informed last month and the company quickly took remedial measures.


Tesla’s initial investigation indicates that data exposure was minimal, but the incident underscores the ways in which cryptojacking can pose a broad security threat…


Quoting Redlock: “We got alerted that this is an open server and when we investigated it further that’s when we saw that it was actually running a Kubernetes, which was doing cryptomining,” says Gaurav Kumar, chief technology officer of Red Lock, referring to the popular open-source administrative console for cloud application management. “And then we found that, oh, it actually belongs to Tesla.” You know, casual.

Who’s Affected by this?

Read Full story: – https://www.wired.com/story/cryptojacking-tesla-amazon-cloud/


Earlier this year it was reported that YouTube was hit by covert cryptomining.

Full story: – https://bit-media.org/news/covert-crypto-mining-hits-youtube/



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