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At Bit-Media we are trying to provide unique and informative content to the crypto community while also being entertaining in the process.


Looking back at our most popular stories of 2017, one of them is a clear winner in popularity and entertainment value and for that, we have to thank no other than the US President – Donald J. Trump.


On April 1, 2017 – Bit -Media published a story: [As an April Fool Joke], with the headline:


Donald Trump Tweets  – I am Satoshi Nakamoto


This story was an immediate hit and racked up 1000’s of views.



An extract from the story:

In a series of late-night tweets, Donald Trump claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin.

This explosive revelation comes after weeks of turmoil in the Bitcoin market and it now seems that there is more than interest at the highest level.

After an investigation, an anonymous source confirmed that the reluctance of Donald Trump to release his tax returns might be directly linked to large Bitcoin holdings.


We also created the fake twitter extract below…





We then asked the question:


Is this why Donald Trump won’t release his tax returns?


We must admit our crypto community is not fast asleep and a lot of users realized this was an April Fools joke and had a good laugh.


Nevertheless, this is our most popular post of 2018 – So we have to say: Thank You, President Trump.


Full story: –  BREAKING NEWS: – Donald Trump tweets, “I am Satoshi Nakamoto”


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