The Bitcoin Wallet is Dead!

Every day, people are being introduced to Bitcoin and the first thing everyone does is open up an online wallet so that they can begin transacting with Bitcoin. The understanding of the different wallets available is key to ensure the safety of your digital assets.


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In this short video, discussion points as follows:–


Faith in Third Party Providers such as Exchanges; Online Wallet Providers and Mobile Apps often this trust ends in Tears!
For Example, MtGox, Bitfinex plus other recent exchange hacks and theft. If you do not in sole control your private keys you are at risk


Awareness which has lead to the surge of hardware wallets and security devices that store private keys


Some impractical and hard to use as people are used to using their mobile phones and apps to transact


Solution to this is a new generation of devices that operates on the blockchain and has military grade encryption and security


Devices such as the BitVault™ uses unique dynamic private key generation techniques where keys are never stored on the device or anywhere else – Keys generated by the user on demand


These devices will integrate the user’s entire life providing a new secure application environment for calling, messaging, browsing, media storage and private banking


A Secure Life in your Pocket!


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