The Top Ten Drivers of the Bitcoin Price

The Bitcoin price continues it’s upward trend and the reasons are being questioned.  Some believe the current Bitcoin bull run could be a bubble, yet if you consider and examine the fundamentals, a very different picture emerges.


What are the Top 10 Drivers of the Bitcoin Price?


In terms of Supply – Only 21 Million Bitcoin will ever be created as well as every 4 years, the supply is halved – it is written into the code and according to a pre described schedule.

Here are the top ten factors that drive the Bitcoin Demand:-

1. Speculation
2. Developer Adoption
3. Consumer Adoption
4. Merchant Adoption
5. Institutional Adoption
6. Media Adoption
7. Regulatory Adoption
8. Government Adoption
9. Investor Adoption
10. Geo-Political Factors and Financial System Risk



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