These Christmas Toys can probably be Hacked

According to IBT Times, new research suggested some products under Christmas trees this year could easily be hacked. Experts warned popular toys – From the Star Wars BB-8 to smartwatches, drones, RC cars and educational devices – could be hacked and exploited to spy on children.


Adults are also being targetted … in the same report, it was reported that Ashley Madison leaked users’ private photos.


In 2015, the website suffered a high-profile hack which had widespread consequences and now security researchers at Kromtech, working with security researcher Matt Svensson, found a flaw in dating website Ashley Madison which provided a “key” to users to view strangers’ private images.
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There is hope on the horizon for consumers:

As cybersecurity threats are escalating day by day consumers are targeted and less sure which products and online services they can trust.



Blockchain provides a solution.

According to Embedded Downloads, a provider of encrypted security solutions for hardware and software, blockchain technology could provide security solutions for the IOT [Internet of things] security.

The company is developing a range of hardware and software solutions to make IoT devices safer and more hack-resistant. The products include encrypted cameras, routers, and other devices. The company also recently developed the world’s first crypto communicator, the BitVault® – [maybe the perfect tool for those Ashley Madison clients :-)].



EOT – [Encryption of Things] – the backbone of IOT security

The company also developed its own cryptocurrency [EOT – Encryption of things] to enable blockchain encryption.

EOT, a cryptocurrency and just like Bitcoin, can be used to transfer funds [with a fast blockchain confirming within 90 seconds –] seamlessly for person to person without the interference of banks or other third parties. EOT is also fully decentralized and open source. What makes EOT different to Bitcoin is that it can not only be used by people but are developed to be used in connected devices and machines. This means that there could be a very wide application and an actual use case for EOT. – Click here to see the EOT Business Case



EOT is currently used for encryption in the Bitvault® and will be implemented into a number of other products in the near future.

More on EOT – click here

So hopefully by next Christmas, your presents will be EOT protected against online hackers…


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