Tom Lee’s Chart predicts Bitcoin price at $91,000 in 2020

Tom Lee’s Fundstrat chart is predicting Bitcoin hitting $91,000 by March 2020.  To reach this prediction, an average of the percentage gained at price after each dip to get to the $91,000 prediction.  See graph below as reported by Forbes.




This latest prediction by Tom Lee will excite some investors, particularly those who bought into Bitcoin when it was trading around the $20,000 mark.  Crypto fever gripped the Nation – almost all nations towards the end of 2017. People everywhere were gripped by FOMO [Fear Of Missing Out].  At the time, many people threw caution to the wind and did some risky things people to jump on the Bitcoin bandwagon – Read more – The Craziness of Bitcoin Investors


Unfortunately, this zest to not lose out on the cryptocurrency market, has also caught investors in scams. Recently Twitter to Ban Bitcoin Ads, after a recent scam caught numerous unsuspecting victims.  This follows on from Facebook Banning Bitcoin and ICO Ads and Google announcing same.  


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