Trump announces WALL Cryptocurrency to pay for the WALL

US President Donald Trump announced earlier today, 1 April 2018, that he will sign an executive order to allow for the creation of a new cryptocurrency, WALL. The WALL Cryptocurrency will be launched as the first US Government sanctioned ICO and the proceeds will be used to pay for the border wall between the USA and Mexico.



The announcement came after President Trump did not get any joy from the latest spending bill infuriating the President and prompting people to ask: What happened to Donald Trump’s Wall?



Please build the Wall!




This was the cry from the Butler County Sheriff putting renewed pressure on President Trump to build his promised Mexican WALL.


This call came after the Los Angeles Times Reported that Trump said:-

No Need For a Wall.


The President did Tweet this below…





Unfortunately, this is not actually showing a new massive southern border wall. Instead, the photos are showing a project to replace broken down parts of the border wall along Calexico, California.


Grasping at the Crypto straw for financing the WALL must have been the que the President got from his Venezuelan counterpart, Maduro with his Petro cryptocurrency, which was promptly banned by the Trump administration.




WALL, Largest ICO ever

According to Forbes, the President was seeking $18 Billion to $20 Billion for construction of the border wall making this the most ambitious and largest ICO ever.




President Trump also mentioned that the WALL will not only create construction jobs for those building the WALL but it will give the technology sector a boost as well as the WALL Coin will be mined by crypto miners, creating a lot more mining jobs, according to Trump. [ Information on Mining a Cryptocurrency ]



The White House declined any further information but President Trump seems to be a very big Crypto Believer and if you are one and want to stay informed about the WALL ICO – Subscribe here for more information.


We would love to hear your comments on the WALL ICO below…


President Trump’s love affair with Crypto and Bitcoin continues as last year on this date he tweeted. “ I am Satoshi Nakamoto – – #makeamericagreatagain


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