Twitter to blame for Twitter Bitcoin Scam

Did You Hear the One About the Special Giveaway?


“Big news from the Poloniex team today!” tweeted the U.S. exchange on Monday, announcing its acquisition by Circle. The first response to the tweet was as predictable as it was pitiful: “We аre joining Circle! To commemorаte, we’re giving аwаy 2000 ЕТΗ,” wrote “Palooniex”. “To pаrticipаte, senԁ 0.3-3 ЕТΗ to our аԁԁress below аnԁ get 3-30 ЕТΗ bаck. Hurry!”


Where does the blame for these scams lie? Although it’s easy to get mad at scammers for perpetrating these sorts of frauds, according to the real blame lies with Twitter.



The question is why are these scams not stopped by the social media giant?



Full story: – Scammers are ruining crypto twitter and twitter is to blame


Recently there were also people impersonating Elon Musk forcing the Tesla founder to confirm his “Massive Bitcoin Stash”



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