URGENT! Secure your online Bitcoin wallet now!

WARNING!!! Bitcoin value is growing steadily and so are the long fingers of people out there to get your Bitcoin!

Is there anyone out there who has not secured their online Bitcoin wallet as yet?

It is your responsibility to secure you own money and follow best practice to do so, plus it is FREE. Follow these easy steps ASAP and make sure you do not become a “hack” statistic!  As Bitcoin Believers we take it upon ourselves to help others get started in the digital economy and this often means assisting them with setting up a wallet. Make sure you let them know about these simple steps:-

  1.  Choose your online wallet CAREFULLY

  2.  Choose a strong UNIQUE password

  3.  Set up FREE Google 2-Step Authentication

Follow the simple instructions and join millions of others who have made their accounts stronger with 2-Step Verification

Bear in mind that you can secure your HOT online wallet from the outside by following the steps above, however, if you leave your Bitcoins in a wallet in an exchange and the exchange is hacked from the inside, your security steps will not help.  Use exchanges for buying and selling Bitcoin, not storing them and most importantly, consider keeping your Bitcoins safely offline.

What is the difference between online and offline wallets?

Will an offline wallet still receive my Bitcoin transactions even if my computer is offline?

Can Bitcoin itself be hacked?

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