What is EOT?

A new cryptocurrency designed with a purpose and use has just entered the cryptocurrency market.  In our growing digital economy, privacy, security, and encryption are a necessity to protect our digital footprint.  Learn more about how and where EOT fits in.





What is EOT?

EOT is, like Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency and digital payment system. Transactions take place between users directly without the interference of any third party.

Transactions are recorded and verified in a public ledger call the blockchain

EOT was specifically designed to be used for the “Encryption of Things


What is the “Encryption of Things”

The Encryption of Things is a process whereby physical items, which are linked to the internet, are being safeguarded against intrusion by the use of cryptography

An Example would be secure messaging between two parties where the message would be encrypted by the use of private keys


Who controls EOT

EOT does not belong to any person, business or country.

EOT is open source and decentralized


Why is EOT called deflationary

Only a limited amount of EOT will be created, unlike normal currencies where governments can print an unlimited amount



What are the use cases for EOT

Secure Money Transfer and Transactions

Secure Internet by encrypting Internet routers and other hardware

Creating encryption keys for IoT devices protecting them against viruses, malware, and hacking

Secure communication by providing encryption keys for devices such as the BitVault

Providing encryption keys for the encryption of documents, media files etc


What are the advantages of the EOT

Fast payments and transactions – new blocks are created every 90 seconds

Peer to Peer – not dependent on third parties like banks who have the power to block your account, devalue or even confiscate your money. With EOT, all of your funds, your communication, copies of your digital files, and your complete digital footprint is controlled by you alone and verified by a distributed network.

Security – EOT is protected using advanced cryptography. Processing is done by 1000’s of computers all over the world

Global payments and communication – not only can you transfer money anywhere, to anyone who has an EOT wallet, but you can also send them a secure message or make a secure call with an EOT enabled device.

New Opportunities – EOT embraces our new economy and creates opportunity for new businesses to be developed with the currency and the “Encryption of Things”



How to make money with EOT

EOT Mining

EOT Trading

EOT Investment

EOT Product development and new businesses

For more information –  EOT official website


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What is EOT – Encryption of Things?