What is Swiss Bank in Your Pocket?

As the value of cryptocurrency is increasing of late, it is vital to keep our cryptocurrency as safe as possible, for example, in a Swiss Bank In Your Pocket.  Bit-Media interviewed the company to find out more about the product behind the intriguing name.



Bit-Media: – So what is a Swiss Bank in Your Pocket?

SBIYP: – Swiss Bank In Your Pocket is a suite of crypto banking
applications that comes with a hardware key to make it a safe and secure environment to send and receive cryptocurrencies.


Bit-Media: Which currencies does SBIYP support?

SBIYP: – Currently SBIYP supports wallets for Bitcoin, EOT, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash


Bit-Media: Are there plans for supporting new currencies?

SBIYP:- Absolutely, we are looking to add more popular currencies continuously as well as other applications.


Bit-Media: – You mention other applications… what are the other applications inside SBIYP?

SBIYP: – At the moment we have an EOT Coin / EOT Token exchange which is a gateway to enable EOT Coins to be traded on the Waves Decentralised Exchange. We also have a Bit-Media App inside – so you can follow Bit-Media right from SBIYP 🙂 –  And we have a few new Apps in development.


Bit-Media: Tell us more about the new Apps

SBIYP: – We are developing a password vault, this is going to be a very useful tool for customers, now you can safely and securely store all your passwords in one place without worrying about it getting stolen or you forgetting it. We are also developing an Application to integrate the Waves Wallet and Waves decentralized exchange into SBIYP which will make trading on Waves for a customer even more secure.
In addition to this development is also ongoing with Cryptodoc, a secure document transfer and management system.

Bit-Media: Wow, lots to look forward to – How does a customer get all these new applications?

SBIYP: – There is nothing really for a customer to do, once a new application is loaded a software upgrade is available the next time the customer opens SBIYP. It is a one-click install.


Bit-Media: So how does the SBIYP compare with other hardware wallets?

SBIYP: – There is no comparison really, the SBIYP is not just a hardware device, there is an unique interaction between the hardware and the software application. Firstly the application can only be installed with a secret key – that key is shipped with the SBIYP in the form of a scratch card. The application then enables the encrypted USB device that comes with the package with a key. This USB then becomes the “key” to unlock the application and without the USB the application will not work. The USB will also not work on any other device. The system comes with a backup USB device that can be used for recovery which should be locked away safely.


Bit-Media: – Sounds very secure

SBIYP: – Extremely secure!


Bit-Media: So how do I get my SBIYP?

SBIYP: – You can purchase it on our website, https://swissbankinyourpocket.com. It retails for EUR 99 and comes with free shipping.

Bit-Media: – Thank you very much for talking to us, we are looking forward to getting an update in future.


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