Does Bitcoin drive women wild?

The quick and easy answer to this question is NO!


This is a sweeping statement as there are some women very involved in the Bitcoin ecosystem, however, there are some interesting statistics to consider when it comes to gender interest in Bitcoin.  Perhaps the fact that software developers, programmers, engineers, open source projects are male-dominated and Media articles, YouTube videos on Bitcoin and the blockchain mostly compiled by men. Bitcoin is seen as “too technical” –  this could be a lack of exposure which leads to lack of understanding.


When the internet was initiated 25 years ago, it would have been used by the IT community and few business people only, mostly men.   Nowadays the majority of users who have access to the internet have social media accounts, email addresses as well as other applications.  This is called progress. Many top social networks – including Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram – have a strong skew toward women.


Bitcoin and the blockchain are still in its infancy and many people of both genders are not as yet enlightened.  It is clear the perception is that women are not into Bitcoin so, if we wish to change perception, we need to change reality.

According to DHR International, when it comes to women FinTech global directors, only 8% are women compared to the 22% of women board members at 30 of the world’s biggest banks.  Gender equality FinTech falls behind big banks, however, the FinTech industry is still new and constantly innovating.


Zimbabwe has experienced crippling drought and cash crisis over the past number of years.  Bitcoin startup Bitmari, in 2016 introduced 100 Women farmers in rural Zimbabwe to Bitcoin as a cash alternative –  the first bitcoin accelerator for African women aiming to improve farming productivity and educate women about bitcoin as a payment system.  Read the full article here

Google search statistics for Bitcoin – male-dominated to the extreme, however, more woman are getting involved as per the latest stats – View latest stats here

Basic concepts must be understood in order to transact with Bitcoin.  Once women realize the power of Bitcoin, there will be no stopping their involvement as they can control their money and make decisions about their finances – independence is liberating.  Knowledge is power… applied knowledge can change lives. High Five to the women who have already embraced the new digital economy and internet of money!


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