World Money in Perspective – How Big is Bitcoin now?

How big is Bitcoin in relation to the rest of the world’s money?  Have you missed the opportunity if you haven’t invested yet?  It’s time to put things into perspective.


Bitcoin is just over 8 years old and much of the world still has no idea what Bitcoin actually is.  Considering the fact that Bitcoin has just begun and started at zero value, the growth in the cryptocurrency has strengthened year on year as more acceptance and adoption takes place.  Interesting to note, the current market cap of Bitcoin is about half of Bill Gate’s fortune and 200 times less than gold.


Bitcoin was introduced to the world in the form of a white paper called Bitcoin: A Peer to Peer, An Electronic Cash System – download the Satoshi Nakamoto white paper.  The first transaction took place in January 2009 and since then, Bitcoin continues to grow in value as more adoption takes place globally, however, still a very small market compared to individuals such as Larry Page, co-founder of Google, the multinational technology company like Apple, as well as the stock market.


Take a look at this visual of where the complete market cap of Bitcoin is vs the rest of the world’s money – Bitcoin is still in its early stages and most probably, future Bitcoin Millionaires would not have bought their first Bitcoin yet!  There is much interest in Bitcoin and some alternative coins that have been driving the overall MarketCap of cryptocurrency up.  As depicted below, the growth opportunity for cryptocurrency is huge.



The Rise of Cryptocurrency


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