Press Releases

Bit-Media Press Release Requirements


Write a one-pager, or 400-500 words, a document that is to the point and clear, avoiding making it sound like a sales pitch. Do not use industry jargon but rather make it easy for readers to understand the article – make sure this article is free from errors as we will copy and paste.


Here is a guideline for the format:


  1. The headline to be a brief statement of the news.  A subhead can also be added – summary of the news.
  2. Add the name of the city where the news is from.
  3. Write an introductory paragraph followed by the body of the article which should detail your vision and project.  Also, add a call to action.
  4. Add a piece about the company or organization issuing the press release as well as the contact details should anyone wish to contact the company should they have queries.
  5. Forward the media pack relating to the project – YouTube videos or png images that can be used on social media and embedded into the article.


The article will be posted on the website and distributed across 8 Facebook pages and sent to mailing lists. Images detailing the project can be posted on Bit-Media Twitter account.  Newsworthy articles could, on merit, be selected as “Article of the Week” which will be made into a short explainer video and uploaded to the Bit-Media YouTube channel as well as posted on Facebook.



Should your article or press release meet newsworthy requirements, we will publish free of charge.

A donation of Bitcoin or EOT is at your discretion.


Send submission to – 


Thank you