When someone you love Doesn’t Support Your Dreams

A lot of us have been through the path where someone you love does not support your dreams and this can make you lose confidence.


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When someone you love Doesn't Support Your Dreams

We've all been doubted before.

Posted by Brendan Kane on Friday, August 23, 2019



What to Do When Your Partner Doesn’t Support Your Career Dreams


Does the idea of selling something to someone you love sound sleazy or conjure up images of a salesman with a greasy mustache and bad suit promising low, low prices on used cars?


In reality, sales is crucial for more than pushing used cars or hocking the latest as-seen-on-TV product. You can leverage this essential skill to success not only professionally, but also in your personal relationships.  


As you chase your dreams, it’s important to “sell” your partner on the positive aspects of  change if you’d like them to come along on the journey with you.


When you really get people you love in your corner,  they’ll be your biggest cheerleaders!


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