6000 Local Fans Sweat it out with The Springboks in Japan

According to the Springboks’ official website, more than 6 000 Kagoshima locals turned up to watch the Boks train.


The Boks were the first of the visiting World Cup teams to touch down in Japan and coach Rassie Erasmus said it was to properly acclimatise to the hot and humid conditions.

JAPAN – Kagoshima cityscape against the background of Sakurajima volcano


Erasmus also explained why the Boks chose Kagoshima as their base this week:


We visited quite a few sites to see which was the best opportunity for us, and Kagoshima was the best. Everything is top notch, the hotel, the food and the training facility so we’re very happy here and that’s given us a good chance to do well in the World Cup.

We also chose it because the extreme conditions of the heat makes sure the body is well conditioned so that when we get to the match it’s easier. It was part of the thinking in planning to put the guys in some extreme conditions so that when it comes to the match they would be well prepared.”


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