Springbok Fans in Japan: How to Ride Subway and Trains in Tokyo, 35 Tips!

We have started a series of informational posts for rugby fans visiting Japan for the 2019 RWC.


Here are some tricks and tips on riding the Tokyo subway!


Just some of the tips in the video:

  • Rail in Tokyo is run by multiple companies
  • No single ticket covers all trains in Tokyo
  • Above ground trains and bullet train primarily run by JR
  • Subways run by private companies
  • Station maps don’t show all lines
  • Use route planning applications like Hyperdia
  • Plan out your trip beforehand
  • JR Pass comes in many different varieties
  • JR Pass good for long distances but not very good for transport in Tokyo
  • JR Pass doesn’t work on Subway
  • You can use JR Pass to reserve seats on the Bullet train
  • Tickets are distance based are price based on distance
  • Prices are shown on station map





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