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  1. The first eight World Cups were won by only four different nations. Which one of the champions won it once?
  2. Who scored the final points in the 2003 final which decided the winning team?
  3. Who in 1987 led New Zealand to victory in the first ever rugby World Cup?
  4. What was special about Chester Williams first game in the 1995 World Cup?
  5. Aside from the four champion nations in the first eight World Cups, there is only one other team that managed to reach the final match in a World Cup. Which one is it?
  6. Who captained Australia to victory in the 1991 rugby World Cup Final at Twickenham?
  7. Which referee has done 2 world cup finals?
  8. Between what two teams was the ‘Battle of Boet Erasmus’ in the 1995 World Cup played?
  9. Who captained South Africa to victory in the 1995 World Cup final in Johannesburg?
  10. Which rugby team was nicknamed the Oaks?



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1 – England – It would have been funny if the eight Cups were split equally, but it didn’t go that way. Australia and South Africa did win two World titles each (1991 and 1999 AUS; 1995 and 2007 RSA), New Zealand got three (1987, 2011 and 2015), and the remaining one was won by England (2003). On a side note, England is the only nation from the northern hemisphere to win a World Cup during this period.

2 – Johnny Wilkinson – Johnny kicked a drop goal in the final 21 seconds to give England a 20-17 victory.

3 – David Kirk –David Kirk was the first man to lift the rugby World Cup after New Zealand beat France, 29-9.

4 – He scored 4 tries

5 – France –Les Bleus reached the final three times, in 1987, 1999 and 2011. The other three teams complete the list of nations that made it at least to the semi-finals during the first eight World Cups.

6 – Nick Farr Jones –Nick Farr Jones captained Australia in the second World Cup final, beating England by 12-6.

7 – Andre Watson –Andre Watson did 2 finals, Australia vs England and Australia vs France.

8 – South Africa and Canada

9 – Francois Pienaar – Francois Pienaar captained South Africa to a 15-12 win over New Zealand.

10 – Romania –The Blues were France, the Eagles the USA and the Welwitchias were from Namibia.


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