Wales Fullback Liam Williams Could Be Sidelined for Three Months

Wales have always been strong contenders in the world cup but now their key full-back faces some discomfort and is injured. We look at the tragedy that he could be sidelined for three months.


Wales are in a spot of bother after their star full back named Liam Williams could be laid off for a while after sustaining an injury during the Rugby World Cup. Looking at the next game he won’t be able to play here.


Troubling times


The head coach of Wales’ team Mr Warren Gatland is worried and has expressed that the player from Saracens could actually be out of the game for a while due to an ankle injury. In official statements, he predicted that Williams would be out for at least three months.

Unfortunately for many rugby fans out there, it was reported that Williams fell and hurt his knee in while participating in a Wales training session in Tokyo. Since this, he has been receiving medical treatment and has undergone surgery within the UK.

The athlete was ruled out of this World Cup and he stood down to be replaced by Leigh Halfpenny. Halfpenny would carry on with their semi-final match against South Africa.

Unfortunately, a three-month absence means that Williams cannot participate in either Premiership matches or matches from the Heineken Champions Cup.


Keep calm and carry on


During this unfortunate time for Wales, team members had to pick themselves up and try pushing on. The Welsh team will be kicking off 2020 with a true test of athleticism and spirit by playing Italy in the Six Nations league on the first of February.

What is going to happen? Other than this injury, Wales will also have a new head coach named Mr Wayne Pivac.

The new coach has tried to overcome team problems and think positively. He has spoken about Williams’ surgery and has said that he thinks it will take around 3 months for their athlete to go through all the surgical procedures. He thinks that is Wales had indeed made the final that the spirit of Williams would remain in his team.

Wales plough on and try to advance as far as possible in the Rugby World Cup. Their next feat will be against the mighty New Zealand – it will no doubt be a tumultuous time for the whole team and all Welsh fans worldwide.




What will happen for Wales?


As time moves ahead Welsh fans will no doubt be waiting nervously to see what happens in the next World Cup matches. It will be a difficult wait but perhaps everything will pay off with the new coach and there’ll be a Wales World Cup victory. Watch this website for more details soon!


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