Who is the highest paid Springbok Rugby Player and what did he earn?

How much money can you make as a Springboks player?


Lots of our fans have been asking this question and as you will see in this article, a rugby player can earn a decent living.




What top-level domestic rugby players earn

Western Province Rugby Union has the most generous budget to dish out amongst its 128 contracted players, across all competitions. Their annual wage bill is a towering R78 million, meaning the average annual wage for a professional player at WP is R609 375. Therefore, these guys can earn a median monthly salary of R50 700.


Now, the Blue Bulls have a total of 151 players on their books but operate on a smaller budget to WP. That makes their average yearly wage R450 000, and the monthly value R37 500.


You may be better off nipping across town to see if the Lions will have you. Their budget is almost identical to Blue Bulls, but their team roster is much smaller. A total of 117 players get a share of the R66 million made available to the franchise, which boils down to an average yearly salary of R564 000, or R47 000 a month.


Durban-based outfit the Sharks also work to a R66 million budget,but have six fewer rugby players to please. With 111 players on the payroll, the median yearly figure comes to R585 000, translating to R48 700 a month. 



Lower-level domestic rugby players earn very little

However, if you end up at a less financially gifted team like Southern Kings, the budget is slashed and the playing squad is a fraction of the “bigger” teams’. The Port Elizabeth side have to stretch R12 million a year across 68 of their athletes, meaning that yearly pay averages out at R176 000. That’s just under R15k a month and is less than SA’s average wage.


And the winner is… South Africa’s highest paid Springbok

Life is good if your name is Tendai Mtawarira. It has been calculated that “Beast” earned R3.74 million during the last season. He’s said to be the highest domestic earner in South African rugby, and that eye-watering figure (about R311 000 a month) excludes win bonuses, by the way. 

These earnings also exclude any sponsorship deal.


Tendai Mtawarira


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