Innovation becomes the focal point in the 3D technology industry


From constructing eco-friendly coffins to houses, the applications of 3D technology have advanced and bringing disruption in the world through innovation.


3D technology is one of the enigmatic marvels of the world. It is difficult to determine how it will change the world and bring innovative ways to save cost and improve efficiency. Innovation has become the heart of advancements in the 3D technology sector. A Liverpool-based startup has begun production of customizable eco-coffins using 3D printing technology. A leading market player has launched a unique dot forming AM technology that offers higher precision as compared to other conventional technologies. An Indian startup would launch a 3D printed house by the next year which is inexpensive as compared to houses built from the conventional methods. A French startup has undertaken a task of reconstructing sites that have been destroyed in the conflict in the Middle East with the help of 3D technology.



The industry for 3D technology would boom in the next few years. According to the research firm Allied Market Research, the global 3D technology market is expected to reach $175.1 billion by 2020. Following are some of the activities that are taking place in the industry:


Customizable eco-coffins using 3D printing technology:

The increasing funeral costs can be reduced with the help of 3D technology. A startup based in Liverpool named Koffin announced that it will produce customizable eco-coffins using 3D printing technology. This is the part of its business programme LCR 4.0. The startup manufactures 100% biodegradable polymers that can be personalized with different colors, messages, and photographs. The 3D printing is used for producing different shapes. It will collaborate with Sensor City to develop an alternative to traditional methods of production. Koffin joined hands with the LCR 4.0 partner Liverpool John Moores University for utilization of 3D printing to produce various decorations that can be implemented on coffins. Along with reducing the costs, these coffins are alternatives that emit less CO2 as compared to a natural plant.


Unique dot forming additive manufacturing (AM) technology:

A new technology has been developed by the leading market player as the trend of innovation takes place. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation revealed the launch of a unique dot forming additive manufacturing (AM) technology. It offers a high-precision shaping through a combination of laser, computer numerical control (CNC), and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) technologies in 3D printers. This is a new technology that utilizes a laser-welding wire. This wire is found in abundance and relatively inexpensive. The technology utilizes a laser wire directed-energy deposition (DED) method. In this method, thermal energy is used for fusing materials by melting them once they are deposited.

Another advantage of this technology is the better level of precision with 60% more shape accuracy as compared to other conventional technologies. Moreover, oxidation is lowered by more than 20% in comparison to conventional technology as the high-temperature area is restricted to a narrow spot forming area. Mitsubishi Electric would launch the dot forming technology commercially within the fiscal year ending in March 2021.





3D printed houses soon to become reality:

3D printing technology is set to transform the construction industry as the new approaches have been developed. To develop the houses in more rapid and inexpensive way than before, students and faculty members at IIT-Madras have developed the first 3D printing construction technology of India. They outlined that they can develop a house of around 350 square feet within a week at a cost a lot less than conventional methods. Vidyashankar C, Co-Founder of Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions, a startup which collaborated with the Civil Engineering Department of IIT-Madras for development of this technology told Deccan Chronicle, a concrete layer will take nearly 28–30 days for curing. However, this innovative technology will set it in only 3–5 hours. This technology will enable quick completion of the house with the deployment of fewer resources. With the help of 3D modeling, manufacturers can construct objects of various sizes and shapes. Based on the designed commanded by the computer, the printer is able to develop and mold the concrete. The startup aims for automating the process of construction to lessen the reliance on the manual labor. Furthermore, it would construct its 3D printed house by next year.



Destroyed Middle East sites to be rebuilt:

A French startup has undertaken the task of restoring the damaged sites in the Middle East with the help of 3D technology. Iconem, a French startup founded in 2013, would take help of drones and 3D technology to rebuild the cultural and historical sites that have been destroyed during the conflict in the Middle East. Thousands of photographs of torn sites have been taken for carrying out digital processing. Then the algorithms will be combined with artificial intelligence technology for reconstruction of sites. The startup has been putting efforts on the UNESCO World Heritage Center regarding the “Revive the Spirit of Mosul” project. Under this project, the company aims for reconstruction of parts of the Iraqi city that have been destroyed due to heavy bombing during Iraqi military operation. Iconem emphasized that digital reconstructions would prove to be useful during the physical reconstruction of the destroyed sites.




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