RFID Sensor – A Technology of the Present and Future


Identifying physical objects through our senses is such a wonderful experience. We see, touch and feel, hear, smell, and taste objects to recognize objects around us and then give them a label. Just like humans, computers too can identify things – not from their senses, but sensors. One of the best-known technologies for sensing things is radio frequency identification or RFID. Recently making its entry into mainstream applications, the technology has made the handling of manufactured goods much faster. Unlike bar-code readers, it does not need a line of sight and allows identification from a distance.



RFID systems support a larger set of unique IDs than barcodes and can carry additional information such as manufacturer, product type, etc. RFID technology has hundreds of applications such as monitoring and tracking of objects, traffic movement control and parking management, counterfeiting and theft control/prevention, access control, monitoring of inventory and production process, warehouse order fulfillment, management of logistics, and others.


The market for RFID sensor is maturing and growing in recent years. Growing demand for tracking inventory & equipment in businesses and robust security, and long-distance object reading feature of RFID tags are the key factors having an impact on the growth of the industry. In addition, greater adoption of the technology in industries such as retail, automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, and defense creates huge opportunities for the growth of the market. The global RFID sensors market garnered $11.81 billion in 2017, and is projected to reach $26.67 billion by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 12.2% from 2018 to 2024, according to Allied Market Research.


The industry saw a range of eye-catching and potential transformational innovations taking place in the space recently. One of them is the launch of a new metal RFID tag by the industrial nameplates and labels company, Metalcraft. The product withstands harsh climatic conditions and serves as a visual and digital ID plate for vehicles and other objects. Another innovation in the field comes from Feig Electronics, a leading provider of RFID Readers. It introduced its compact reader that features an integrated antenna and a signal light and is meant for use in vehicle identification and parking access control applications in airports, gated communities, and others.



Metal RFID Tags – A Reality Now

Released in October 2018, Metalcraft’s new metal UHF RFID tag serves as a visual and digital ID plate for heavy equipment, vehicles and other assets and inventory found in challenging environments. Made of anodized aluminum, the tag can be placed on metal and can transmit a signal in response to interrogations at a distance of 15 to 20 feet. The tag can be attached to equipment at oil and gas drill sites, vehicles in outdoor lots, or returnable metal containers. The metal tag also features a built-in reflector on its backside.


Feig Electronics’ Compact Reader

The Compact Reader ID LRU500i recently launched by Feig Electronics is suitable for applications such as vehicle identification and parking access control applications in airports, universities, gated communities, and others. It supports all RFID label orientations and features an external antenna connector for 2-lane applications, up to 26 ft read range for vehicle access control, robust and weather-proof housing (IP65), Wiegand interface, integrated access control panel, integrated traffic signal light, and VESA Connector.


Manuel Haertlé, product manager of access control for Feig Electronics said,

FEIG’s UHF Compact Reader functionality enables low-cost, high-speed vehicle tracking, parking management, and gated access control to install in existing access control panels or for standalone systems.”


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