Serious Gaming: New Tool To Cater The Ever-Changing Needs Of Society


In the age of rapidly changing technology developers took a helping hand from the gaming industry for the betterment of the society. Serious games are digital applications that are designed for educating users with fun. The prime purpose of serious gaming is to provide knowledge, train, inform, and more importantly teach users rather than provide mere entertainment. Furthermore, it enables advertisers to optimize brand awareness by boosting receptiveness of message along with targeting more audience to drive more traffic to their website. It has been observed that serious gaming helps students to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge.



Employee or student engagement and productivity is directly proportional to each other. Thus, to increase the productivity of enterprises, in training and development programs, serious gaming is gaining traction. In fact, for such activities, organizations are ready to invest heavily. Moreover, recent advancements in virtual reality (VR) play a vital part in the serious games market as it helps create a real-life experience that boosts employees’ performance. It is expected that the innovations in VR and large-scale digitization across the globe would create lucrative opportunities in the serious games market. According to Allied Market Research, the global serious games market is expected to reach $9.17 billion by 2023, registering a CAGR of 19.2% through 2023.


One of the recent developments in the market is the games created by a Pittsburgh-based technology company named Simcoach Games. Since 2025, the company has been launching new, free, and engaging games to help people explore their interests.




Serious games for workers

Several surveys suggest that thousands of Americans die on their jobs due to several reasons including transportation accidents. In order to reduce the number, Simcoach Games developed serious games that make safety training easily accessible to the workers with a mobile phone. The games developed by the company focus on fall prevention as the number of work injuries caused by falls and slips for roofers, tree trimmers, pruners have increased drastically in the last couple of years. Thus, with the help of Simcoach Games, they have an unlimited access to work-related games that put safety training resources into the hands of thousands of workers.



Serious gaming in healthcare

Serious gaming industry has now made its mark in the healthcare sector. Healthcare practitioners as well as patients have been using video games for patient engagement. For instance, Re-mission game was developed by a non-profit HopeLab Foundation for young cancer patients. It allows patients to play as a robot that travels through a human body to battle with cancerous cells. In addition, the game impacts specific psychological and behavioral outcomes that are associated with cancer treatment. It is available at no charge to the cancer patients and their families as well as oncology healthcare workers around the world.


Similarly, the major video gaming company, Nintendo developed the Home Automated Telemanagement (HAT) system that is designed as a serious games simulation, especially for self-care patients with congestive heart failure. Apart from that, Playgen, the U.K.-based company, recently launched a new video game for high school biology student to teach them about climate change, bioscience, and garner interest in research. These examples prove that the serious gaming industry will witness a constant demand for innovative games to help the community in every way. Thus, developers need to offer constant innovations and out-of-the-box ideas to cater to the ever-changing needs of consumers in the coming future.



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