Blockchain Based Credit Platform, Linkeye Facilitates Credit Information Circulation World Wide

BEIJINGNov. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — With the increasing advancement in the cross-border trade and tourism industry, credit evaluation is becoming a global issue. From America to EuropeSoutheast Asia to the Middle East, most countries have to cope with this problem. Although the development of the credit industry is different in each country, the high cost of information sharing is a common problem. The main problems the world is facing are:

  • Financial institutions are not sharing data

  • Low data coverage of credit institutions

  • Limited services of credit institutions


How big is this market?

The credit evaluation is the key to the credit system, laying a foundation for the risk management of financial credit. Ping An Securities issued a note declaring that the market value of Chinese credit will up to hundreds of million yuan; Wells Fargo Bank predicted that Chinese individual credit market value will be worth more than 2000 billion dollars, and the global credit market will be big business for America.



How to solve such problems?

Using the decentralized and distributed data storage technology of blockchain to connect credit databases of financial institutions worldwide – Linkeye is using blockchain to solve these problems.

Two main features the unchangeable feature and open to the whole network in real-time are the key to Linkeye’s success. Linkeye, the credit sharing platform credit sharing platform provides beneficial and innovative solutions to the global credit market. Being the first and the only team to record the credit information using blockchain, this unprecedented innovation is highly commended by others engaged in the blockchain and credit industries.

Linkeye is a set of independent solutions using a blockchain-based credit sharing alliance. Based on the European, Southeast Asia and Chinese markets, Linkeye uses the deep integration of blockchain technology and economic model, and shares the data of bad credit among members to construct the individual credit data into a whole and forms a social credit database characterized by reliance and wide coverage. In this way, the social credit system can be effectively improved. It is a significant milestone for Linkeye to use technology to promote global credit development.



Linkeye’s solution

Linkeye is a pioneer of the credit industry. There are eight core operation mechanisms of Linkeye: Blacklist Mechanism, Membership Mechanism, Credit Mechanism, Arbitration Mechanism, Information Sharing Mechanism, Smart Pricing Mechanism, Data Security Firewall Mechanism, Open API Mechanism.

The most important mechanisms are the blacklist and information sharing mechanisms. Specifically, a sample of Linkeye data: Linkeye ID+Masked ID+credit score+publisher(anonymous)+signature. The use ID is the only match for the member when querying data. The data could be obtained and exchanged only when the user ID is a perfect match.

There are two different aspects between the solution and the third data platform: one is decentralization, although the Matthew effect exists, there is nothing to worry about that the platform will become an oligarch of data provision accompanied by the continuous data output. The other is the data sharing can be converted into cash. To get credit information from the platform, people need to pay.

Linkeye team has rich working experience in credit loan industry and blockchain area. Currently, Linkeye has a clear entry point into the credit industry and has designed and developed the most efficient blockchain data sharing platform. The eight core mechanisms can ensure the alliance platform operate efficient and orderly. Meanwhile, Linkeye has reached a strategic cooperation with many top credit platforms to share the bad credit list. Xu Lei, the CEO of Linkeye, he is a cross-sector entrepreneur with abundant working experience. He once served as the head of sales of Greater China in P&G. In 2015, he founded Mei Dao Life. In 2016, he founded Kuaihui finance and began to carve out a career in the internet credit industry.

There are assorted credit projects, but Linkeye is the most eminent team with hundreds of dedicated workers. Linkeye promotes the development of the credit industry, not only improving each technical detail and product, but also operating the business actively. Linkeye is courageous and earnest, and has a sound development planning to achieve its desired goal. It is clear that Linkeye will help improve the domestic credit industry.

SOURCE Linkeye

CONTACT: Wei Wang, +86-150-4666-8161


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