How to stay focused while working in an organization

To give your best at work, you need sheer and undivided attention. This is really hard to attain, especially when there is instant access to every information with hundreds of things going around you. Though there are some tricks that can help you to stay focused.


Here we have gathered some of the very compelling ideas to help you achieve your required attention at the workplace. 


Do what you love


Figuring out whether you love what you are doing or not can be really hard for some people. Just think about anything that you can do 24/7 without any money involved, that is your thing. In today’s world, you can make the best out of anything. If you are in a right-field of work you won’t get distracted… ever!



Set your environment 


If your job is more like a desk job, you need to set it right. Choose a fine combination of tables and chairs. An uncomfortable chair can stress you out and hence you will be distracted. Make sure your furniture is comfortable enough so that you can sit and work for long hours.


Cut off unnecessary tasks    


While working in the office or at home, social media can play a great part in your distraction. Turn off all your social app notifications, if possible put aside your mobile phone and don’t log into any of your social accounts on desktop. These small time-consuming habits won’t seem like a huge deal, but they do distract you a lot.



Set deadlines


Keeping a little pressure is necessary otherwise if you don’t have a  deadline you are more likely to procrastinate, maybe twice as much. Make a to-do list with clear deadlines, by doing so you will create a sense of urgency and responsibility and will also help you to fight with your inner perfectionist. 


Take short breaks 


Sometimes the reason for lack of focus is that your brain is exhausted. Our brains aren’t designed to retain attention for long hours. Sitting on one chair and staring at a screen can cause fatigue and headache. You should take a small break after every 1 hour of continuous work.  

Especially while studying on a night before an exam or working on a project, it is best to impose yourself with chunks of a break.


Put on the earphones   


Now, this might surprise most of the readers out there. But with the right choice of music, you can increase your concentration. A recent study showed that background music actually has the ability to change the listener’s mood. 

This tip won’t work with everyone though. But music does block out a lot of distractions and it can make the most tedious tasks very enjoyable. 



Take help from technology


Staying focussed has a lot to do with time management. Today time monitoring software can help you out in tracking every minute you spend on each task. In this way, you can see which task took how much time, and priorities your to-do list

Other applications are also available to block pop up ads, distracting websites and track how much time you spent while surfing the web


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