Upgraded by DEX: Edge Makes It Easier to Buy, Sell, and Trade Cryptocurrencies with Slick New Integrations

Edge launches new features including partnerships with Totle and Simplex in version 1.8.4


San Diego, CA – Edge, a non-custodial exchange and wallet platform that makes crypto as easy as online banking, has announced the release of version 1.8.4. Notably, the release provides users with the ability to access and trade cryptocurrencies sourced from decentralized exchanges (DEXs) quickly and seamlessly through an integration with DEX aggregator provider Totle, as well as:-


  • sell bitcoin (BTC) to a Visa credit or debit card through integration with Simplex;
  • hold and trade Ravencoin (RVN)  for the first time


Edge’s newest release is available for download in the iOS and Google Play stores or at https://edge.app


Paul Puey, CEO and Founder of Edge said:

We are thrilled to launch these partner integrations which show our commitment to delivering a complete non-custodial platform for the crypto industry. Our integration with Totle allows for seamless access to liquidity and selection of assets from decentralized exchanges and the partnership with Simplex to create the first-ever sell to credit card feature.”


Totle, a DEX aggregator that seamlessly taps multiple sources of liquidity, now delivers frictionless ERC-20 token swaps on Edge. Users now have access to the best price for their preferred trade across a multitude of exchanges without having to trust their funds to any centralized party: private keys remain solely in the hands of the user. 


Puey added:

This is only the beginning of what Edge will be offering to make crypto trading exponentially more accessible to thousands of merchants and wallet users.”




David Bleznak, CEO of Totle said:

We are absolutely thrilled Edge has integrated with Totle to enable decentralized trading in their award-winning wallet. The genius of Edge is the common ground it creates between the applications we use every day and the innovation coming from the decentralized finance space. By using familiar features like usernames, passwords, and recovery questions while handling technical tasks, like automatically getting users the best price for ERC-20 token swaps, Edge simplifies the experience of using decentralized finance.”


Edge version 1.8.4 also makes available to European Union users the ability to sell Bitcoin to a Visa credit or debit card. This first of its kind functionality is enabled through a partnership with Simplex, an Israeli-licensed financial institution. While the sell feature will first launch to Edge users in the European Union, the service is expected to extend to other countries and credit card networks. 


While continuing to ensure privacy, autonomy and protection, Edge users are more empowered than ever to easily transact from different regions, using various payment methods, while eliminating the risk of leaving their assets with a third party. The future of decentralized finance will look a lot like Edge



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