Bitcoin Gives Afghan Women Financial Freedom

Bitcoin empowering underprivileged women in Afghanistan.


Non-Profit Code to Inspire (CTI) started an after-school program in January 2015 followed in November of the same year by the opening of its first coding school for girls in Herat, Afghanistan. CTI’s aim was to empower half of the Afghanistan population through education to improve the economy, while putting underserved women on a path to financial independence.

Using Bitcoin provides women in developing countries with a powerful tool that enables them to connect quickly and  at low cost with the global economy.

Not only are women in Afghanistan gaining access to an education but in a world controlled by men Bitcoin allows them to fully participate in the world.

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How Women can get more involved with Bitcoin:

Bitcoin is really helping to empower women everywhere and we encourage more women to get involved.

In the latest episode of Women in Bitcoin, Tracy Lewin and Mervanwe Smith discusses more ways for women to get involved.


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