How to trade with Bitcoin

Women in Bitcoin this week, we chat about trading with Bitcoin…

an very interesting discussion you need to hear.

What are the differences between trading and speculation? Is it possible to make money if we know how to trade with Bitcoin?


Here are the questions we ask in this video:

1 What is trading actually, If I just buy and sell for personal use, is that trading?

2.Can I make money with trading?
3.How do I read those funny candle looking charts and do I need to understand the charts to trade?.

4.How do you read the markets to decide when to sell and when to buy?

5.What is a bear market and a bull market?

6.What platforms are available for me to trade?
7.Do I need to be licensed to trade

8.Where can I learn to trade…What about all those binary option courses, do I need to do that.
9.Do you have any bitcoin trading tips for us?

Watch the video below:

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