No one likes to lag behind but unfortunately, women are lagging behind men!  In the Bitcoin space that is!

According to statistics from various sources as well as the Bit-Media YouTube analytics, women are lagging behind men in a big way in terms of interest in bitcoin and the adoption thereof.  Yet women are absolutely blooming in the entrepreneurial, small business space.
How do we bridge the gap?
Firstly, lets explore why women are not showing enough interest in Bitcoin?  Here are some possible reasons:
*  Software developers, programmers, engineers, open source projects are male dominated
*  Media articles, YouTube videos on Bitcoin orchestrated and mostly done by men
*  “Bitcoin seen as “too technical”
*  Lack of exposure leading to lack of understanding.
But maybe it is because women are wired differently to men?
Experts claim that men are genetically programmed to heed the old saying ‘fortune favours the brave,’ making them twice as adventurous and carefree as women. After all, Bitcoin is new and revolutionary – rather exciting and this appeals to the hunter in men!  Results show women are twice as likely to be wary or prudent as men.  Women are from Venus and Men from Mars, so says author and Ph.D. John Gray.
Let’s just push this all aside and step up to the mark!  But how do we pique women’s interest in bitcoin?
Educate, Educate, Educate!
Once women understand just how bitcoin can set them free, they will be in boots and all.  Let’s do this… from chatting to our friends to inquiring whether goods or services can be paid in bitcoin.  They say that to EMPOWER WOMEN is to EMPOWER A NATION.  Help us get the message out and have more Women join the Bitcoin Revolution!
women in bitcoin
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